Claude, "Hair" at MMAS

April 2018, Directed by Meg Quin Dussault

"...the charming Billy Luce Jr. of Providence, RI,... [his] heart wrenching rendition of "Where Do I Go?" at the conclusion of the first act perfectly exemplifies [Claude's] uncertainty." 

- Wicked Local, Paul Kaufman

"Billy Luce Jr. stands out as the central character Claude, the theoretical leader of “the tribe.” His performance is gut-wrenching...He is the heart of this production and his vocal talents are tops as he leads the tribe in “ I Got Life” and the title song, but especially with song “Where Do I Go” at the end of Act 1." 

- The Sun Chronicle, Patricia McAlpine

Photo Courtesy of Laura Gustafson


"Spring Awakening", UMass '17

Hometown Weekly: "Needham’s Luce directs ‘Spring Awakening’"

"When tickets went on sale for Billy Luce, Jr.’s production of “Spring Awakening,” all three shows sold out in four hours. [Billy] has certainly made his mark on the UMass community - his show was so popular that people were upset and complaining that they weren’t given the chance to get tickets themselves."

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Mary Sunshine, "Chicago"


April 2014, Directed by Paula McGlasson

  “…‘sob sister’ reporter Mary Sunshine (played spot-on by B. Luce) showcases an impressive operatic falsetto and exquisite comic timing in “A Little Bit of Good.”  

  – Independent Rhode Island, Doug Norris  

  “The sobsister reporter, Mary Sunshine is wonderfully portrayed by Billy Luce in full drag. As Mary, he uses his powerful falsetto voice in ‘A Little Bit of Good’...Billy does a great job in this humorous role.”  

  - Tony Annicone, Theatre Mirror  

  B. Luce rounds out the principal players as Mary her jovial delivery of “A Little Bit of Good,” a number that doesn’t reveal all her secrets.”   

  - Dave Christner, Newport Mercury  

Photo courtesy of Lou Pecora